Degree studies included Statistics, Bookkeeping, Arts Therapy and Environmental Economics. Assistant of Jack Maguire with local development initiatives. Experience includes working with Young people, Children and training includes Police (Work/Train), Equality/Diversity and Counselling certificates. Political experience includes as Campaigner for Social Workers Party. Health/Safety surveyor for Springborne & Boscombe West Neighbourhood Management in 2004. Certificates include: SVQ2 Intro to Counselling; SBS Customer Service;

ESF Retail (Personal Security, Equality/Diversty). Founded Stage 2 (Fundraising for Charities/Campaigns)


2010 Onwards


Previous work experience includes publicity and economic/political/environmental research. Including Research Officer for SE Dorset Green Party. Founder of campaigns: Animal Welfare Campaign; Anti War Campaign; Campaign for Sustainable Food; Campaign for Better Healthcare.

Experience also includes organizing meetings with local Forums involving public/local councilors, and putting on presentations regarding political issues and regeneration. Including Treasurer (Boscombe Area Forum) and Steering Group Member (Boscombe Forum) Trained at events as Steward (NVQ2) with Community Event Network Initiated Fundraising workshops for Edukid (Overseas/Education).





1988 – 1997


Training includes with St John’s Choir School, Dorset Youth Percussion Ensemble, Bournemouth and Dorset Youth Orchestra’s, Wavendon Summer Jazz Course, Violin/Piano Grades (with Jack Maguire) Boscombe Samba Group, and local African Drum Circles




A large amount of performances (including parties and festivals) with Uncle Fester and Mangusto (AKA - Huncho Gringo). Recording/gigs with other bands included:Godhead, Randy Cow Poke, Mostly Water, Purple Heads, Kathouse, Vontramps, Jelo, Weasil Knevil and Poppy Seed Hand Granades. Performances included: HMS President, London, The Egg Festival, Southampton, Hothouse, Bournemouth, Blanford Festival, Poole Arts Centre, National Music Day, Poole, G-Spot, Blanford , Boscombe Community Fair


- Album with Mostly Water (3 Days Past Haven) (Had Radio Play on 2CR FM) (1995)

- BTEC National Diploma in Pop Music (Bournemouth College) (1995-1997)


Jazz/World Music Drummer/Percussionist from age 16, including residency with Karin Karian Quintet (with Joe Limburn YJMY). In 1999 became Full Time Drummer on Cruise (Emerald, Caribbean) (In Wind Jam with Tim Fulker)




A large amount of performances with the Sea Monkeys, The Discord, Space Ace Robot (AKA - Spaceman) and Blacksnow .Other band recordings/ performances included: Light Brigade, Harlequin and Rusty's Revenge. Performances included: Brockenhurst College, Bournemouth Pier Approach, Grooves On The Green, Poole and Oran Mor, Glasgow. Teaching experience includes long placements with CODA Fiddle Orchestra ( Musical Trainee Assistant in local schools)


2010 onwards:


A large amount of performances (including parties and festivals) with Manikin Time Shark, Space Ace Robot, Jack Maguire, Damian Maguire (80's Tribute) and Mazeltov (Klezmer Band). Performances including: Kozmik Kens Psychedelic Dream Festival & Psychedelic Kozfest (2011 & 2012), Devon, Meyhem In The Meadows, Wimborne, Boscombe Community Fair, Green Community Fair, Poole, The Anvil (with Psy Groove) and Space Ritual (Hawkwind members) support. South Coast Weddings/Functions with Mazeltov. Other band performances include: G13 and Ian Ellis (Jazz - with Ben Taylor).


Drummer in Hopefool (One World Day) with Mazeltov - Children’s play (by Sharon Muriuru) with actors from Dr Who and The Bill. Also Drummer/Assistant for Loose Change (Musical) (South UK Tour 2010) (Sound Solutions) and in Hitchcock's - The Pleasure Garden (Orchestral Film Re-score by Dan Cohen) (Including musicians from Royal Academy and BSO).

Weekly Workshop Leader for Lifescopes (Mental Health/Recovery) and Workshop Leader for Edukid (Overseas/African Charity). National performances include with Nick Collis (Jazz Trio), The Two Steps (Jazz Group), Space Ace Robot and 80's/90's Pop Tribute, at Zaka Zulu, London, The Veranda, London and Live@Troon Festival.


Certificates include: Safeguarding Awareness (Skills & Learning); Learning Assistant & Education







Childhood Performing Arts training since age 2 includes Acting, Skating, Singing, Thai Chi, Ballet and Comedy (Including with Jan Crawly, BCCA and St Johns Choir School)

1985 - 1987: Arts & Crafts workshops at Poole Arts Centre and YMCA, Bournemouth



Promoter/Manager for Artists, Bands and DJ’s since 1995. Drummer/Percussionist in Tribal Dance group (Senzar) at age 16. Founded Mushroom Cloud (Music/Media) (Princess Trust Funded).



Attended Behind the Scenes course at Royal Opera House (Stage Managing & Production) in 2001. Also attended Break/Street Dance and Acting Classes since 2004 (Including regular/ongoing training with 2nd To None). Degree level Theatrical studies include certificate with Vita Nova (Mental Health/Recovery). Dancer/Actor in Music Video with Lightbrowse, London. Also did Stand-Up Comedy performances including: Off The Wall Festival, Exeter Phoenix; Laughing Gas Comedy Club, Newcastle.

Manager/Producer of Magic Cloud since 2005. Held 9 x month placement doing Media/Publicity with the EEIB and NRFG Youth/Music centres in Glasgow. Experience as Stage Assistant also includes with Mantovani Orchestra. Held placement in 2008 doing Lighting/Stage Management with Dead Rat Theatre & Artemis (A Weevil in the Mind of Vincent Van Gogh – South UK Tour 2008). Experience as regular Assistant at annual festivals includes at Mayhem in the Meadows, Beltane Fire Society and Forever Sun. Founded Manikin Time Shark (Theatre Company) (Young Entreprenuer - 4th Award).


2010 onwards


Comedy performances include at Extra Second, Glasgow.

Tech Volunteer with Beltane Fire Society in 2008 and 2018.

Performing Arts Promoting/Teaching in London with companies including Music Case, Local Music Lessons, Artshead and Jomi Events.


Certificates Include:


MB Module (Health & Safety); HSE 1st Aid; Video Editing (EEIB); ESF Retail (Manual Handling, Fire Safety); Drama Writing (5 CATS); Theatre (Vita Nova)

Interdisciplinary Performing Arts Degree Modules (Dartington College) (Arts Management’s , Ensemble Studies, Arts Therapy & Workshop Skills)





PUBLICITY & PROMOTIONS - For Bands/Artists including:



Sylvia Fleming

Jack Maguire

Stromenti String Quartet

CODA Fiddle Orchestra

James & The Peach

La Luna E Le Stelle

Soft Wind

The Old Pull & Push

Cabinet of Living Cinema


Hatstandy Andy

Attempting Fate



LTJ Alexander

PRODUCTION & MARKETING - For Bands/Artists including:



Sylvia Fleming

Jack Maguire

Nathan Anthony






For events including:


- Management's - Monthly Jazz Evenings (Chaplins) 2012+

- Management's/Production - Halloween 2009/2010-Bournespring Centre

- Productions - Attempting Fate (The Klute) - 2011

- Production/Decor -Valentines 1 & 2 (Shelley Theatre)

- Production - Cabinet Of Living Cinema (The Lyric) - 2015

- Production - Jack Maguire's 50th (St Clement's) - 2010

- Stalls/Exhibits - Boscombe Community Fair - 2011

- Production/Managements - Birthday Parties (Chaplins & Bournespring Centre)-2008

- Productions - Black History Exhibition (Bournespring Centre) - 2009

- Decor/Lights - Anvil Rox (Showcase - The Anvil) - 2015

- 3D Decor/Performing Arts-

Forbidden Planet 2014

-Managements/Decor - End Of World 2012 - Portman

-Management's - Edukid - Monthly Workshops

-Production - Dorset Music Awards (Space Ace Robot)

- Production - Misc Night 2015 (The Red Lion)



/Media (Cellar Bar events):


Equinox 2013; Lunasa 2013;

Winter Solstice 2013; Equinox 2014; Monthly Moonday Events 2014; Star Wars - Tribute 2016



Production/3D Decor for Bands including:


Godhead, La Luna E Le Stella, Space Ace Robot and Manikin Time Shark



1980 onwards: Performed/Composed/Recorded with bands/artists including:



Huncho Gringo (AKA - Mangusto)

Karin Karian (Quintet) (with Joe Limburn YJMY)


Uncle Fester

Mostly Water

The Discord




La Luna E Le Stelle

Nick Collis (Trio)

Purple Heads

Cavendish Sessions

MC Biddle & Matt Black Cat


Sea Monkeys


The Two Steps (Quartet)

Legion of Boscombe

Ian Ellis (Trio) (with Ben Taylor)


The Troubadors

Wind Jam